A native of Jamaica transplanted to the prairie, I was educated at a Presbyterian-Methodist girls’ boarding school, where art and hand embroidery were taught every day. I am truly grateful to my very patient teachers, as my first priority was to create mischief in class.

I discovered silk painting over 30 years ago, inspired by a gift from a dear friend in France, and this has been my favored medium ever since. In 2009, I was honored to be designated a Signature Member of Silk Painters International.

My digital work is created by using alcohol inks, a fairly new product on the fine craft scene. The ink can be made to run in all directions, be guided by tilting the substrate, or spread using canned air or an air compressor. Colors can be layered, or manipulated with sponges, brushes or even Qtips… The effects are dramatic. The ink has to be applied to a nonporous substrate like Yupo (synthetic paper), glass, tile or metal. The image is then photographed and altered with digital software. After being enlarged to the desired size it is submitted to a professional digital printing house for printing on organic cotton sateen or other chosen fabrics. However, I still return to my silk, and use the designs in my digital work as well.

Inspiration comes from many sources, but I’m mainly influenced by my Caribbean background and like to work in bright, contemporary colors; the process is different for every piece. The digital process, as described above, is different for every project. My work sometimes takes on a life of its own, and I follow where it leads. This enables me to achieve sometimes unexpected, startling, printed effects on wall pieces and custom garments, and provides even more room for experimentation. I feel that art should create an environment of beauty and peace in the soul that sustains us in this chaotic world.

 “Experiment and grow” is my mantra.

Professional certifications

Signature member, Silk Painters International.
Designated Distinguished Silk Artist/Master Silk Painter, 2009
  Distinguished Silk Artist, 2014

Unless noted otherwise, my photographer is Marcia Ward, The Image Maker in Denver, Colorado. Thank you Marcia for making my work look so fine!

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